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Kateqoriyalar:Şirkət xəbərləri Author: Mənşə: Mənşə Buraxılış vaxtı: 2023-03-15
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On the afternoon of March 15th, officials from the Environmental Protection Committee of Changsha County and the Changsha Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau visited Jinlong Foundry for research and investigation. Accompanied by company leaders, they learned about the company's growth history, main products, and smart IoT cloud platform in the enterprise culture exhibition hall.Jinlong Foundry has actively responded to the "Guidelines on Strengthening Safety Management Requirements for Manhole Covers" jointly issued by six departments, and has made significant breakthroughs in key technology areas such as manhole cover safety, smart IoT, and cultural creativity. They have launched a fully self-owned series of smart IoT four anti-manhole covers, which are widely used on main roads in urban areas, promoting the safety of manhole covers into the era of smart management. The "地屏传媒井盖" (Ground Screen Media Manhole Cover) has lit up various commercial districts and scenic spots in the city through the form of "video + interaction", creating a new "cultural and creative" mode.During the visit, the officials watched demonstrations of the smart manhole cover system and online water quality monitoring system in the smart IoT platform area and asked about the development and application of the systems. It was found that Jinlong Foundry's independently developed smart manhole cover management system and online water quality monitoring system have fully met the requirements of the "Guidelines on Strengthening Safety Management Requirements for Manhole Covers," and have been applied in many places, presenting efficient and intelligent management services to the city and its customers.At the meeting, the company's leaders gave a detailed report on the urban smart drainage solution. The Jinlong Foundry smart drainage system is a comprehensive supervision platform for urban flood prevention and drainage and daily sewage discharge treatment. Through this system, customers and relevant departments can fully understand the cur.